About The BounceBack Breakthrough

Welcome!  I started The BounceBack Breakthrough to help good men - just like you, who've recently gone through a breakup or divorce - to get out of their rut, recharge their confidence,
get their mojo back and finally have the life (and love life) they've always wanted.

I'm Anthony Abraham, and a few years back, I was in a deep dark hole.  The woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with kicked me to the curb.  Even months after our split, I was still down in the dumps, feeling emotionally taxed and physically drained.  As much as I knew I wanted to "get back out there" and meet someone new, I wasn't feeling very confident in myself or my skills with women.   Plus I was now close to 40 years old, and so I wasn't interested in getting back into the bar and club scene.  In short I was feeling like crap and I was lost about how I should move forward in my life.  But then, in a moment of clarity, I said to myself...

"This Period of Time - After Your Painful Split - is a Potential Golden Opportunity..." 

"...This is a chance to finally get out of your rut (and stay out for good)... a chance to redesign your life... and a chance to finally learn the skills with women you know that you'll need if you're going to have the success with dating and relationships that you truly want in the future."

This site you are on right now is the result of my journey from dumped, frustrated and confused to a man who feels 10 years younger, oozes with confidence, and enjoys more success in life and with women than I've ever imagined.  What you have in front of you It is the very best of what I've learned, all boiled down for you into simple, actionable advice that you can start using in your life today.  I'm confident that you will have as much fun putting it into practice and enjoying the results as I've had creating it for you.  

Here's to your Bounce Back!  :-)

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Whether you're looking to regain your confidence after a breakup or divorce... or you want to start meeting women in a simple, anxiety-free way (that's actually fun)... or perhaps, because you haven't been single in a while, you want to know the very best strategies for going out on dates.. well, I've got you covered and you're definitley in the right place.  
The resources below are FREE... (though they probably won't be for long.)  
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7 Day Rut Rescue

Free 10 Min. Audio Lessons Daily

A Divorce or Breakup can Leave You "Depressed" or in a "Rut"... What's worse, you simply can NOT rebuild your life or attract someone new while in this downtrodden state.

Let Me Show Some Simple But Effective Ways To Get Out of That "Rut" so you can ReCharge your Energy, Improve Your Mood, and 
Gain Back Your Motivation.

Get "Back in the Game"

Free OnLine Training

Getting back out there and meeting someone new can be HARD when you haven't been "in the game" for a while.  

Learn a simple 5 step process for meeting fun and beautiful women that works in nearly any situation...
(even if you're totally out of practice and just the thought of talking to women causes you anxiety. )

Ace Your First (or Next) Date After Your Breakup or Divorce

Easy-to-Follow 12 Point Checklist

When was the last time you went on
a first date?  Probably not for a while.

Here's 12 simple things that could make or break  your dating success... especially if you're freshly back on the dating scene.  Get even half of these right and you'll have the kind of hot, fun dates that lead to the intimacy and/or the relationship you want.  
Do NOT go on your next date without checking over this list first!

Thousands of Men - in Your Very Same Situation - Are Deciding to Finally Take Charge
of Their Lives, and Use the Powerful Tools
on This Site to "Bounce Back"...  
And Their Life Has Never Been Better! 

Here's what just a few of them have to say...

  • "Gave me my life back and restored my confidence"
    "I've been following Anthony's stuff for a few years, it's very solid, potentially life-changing advice... and after me and my girlfriend broke up I found myself returning to it.  It immediatly gave me a sense of hope... I then decided to reach out to Anthony to get some coaching and let me tell you working with him gave me my life back and restored my confidence."  ---   Dave, Brooklyn, NY
  • "I feel 10 years younger"
    "When I was going through my divorce with my exwife I felt awful.  We hadn't had sex in almost a year.  She was cold and distant toward me.  And I was overweight, not sleeping well, and walking around like a zombie, completely checked out.  It was to the point that I was even considering taking... 
  • testosterone replacement therapy to try to feel like my old self again... After a couple of sessions with Anthony I immediately starting feeling better... and today, after taking his courses and working with him 1-on-1 for a while I feel 10 years younger, have a gorgeous new girlfriend, a great apartment and spend lots of time with my son.  My life is firing on all cylinders"  ---   Johnny, Kentucky
  • "I think every guy should study this stuff.  Their life skills and skills with women will go through the roof..."
    "Two months ago I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with one of my good friends.  I was devestated... and feeling like total shit about myself for almost a year after... Reading some of the BBB blog posts, and then investing in one of the courses was the turning point for me...  
  • I'm finally back out there meeting girls again, but with a very different mindset than I had in the past.  I'm much more relaxed and confident.  I joke around more and can be myself and just have fun.. I think every guy should study this stuff.  Their life skills and women skills will go through the roof!"  ---   Sam, Great Britain
  • "I 'bounced back'... I'm having more fun than I had in years"
    "The 7DRR helped me get out of my depression, and literally saved my sanity... the other courses I took helped me redesign my life from the ground up, and showed me how to start dating again (the right way)... Not only have I bounced back but I'm having more fun than I had in years"  ---   David, Quincy, MA